Services & Capabilities

Creative & Production Capabilities

We have extensive experience in designing and producing television, radio, and print advertisements. Sadaa has created hundreds of ad campaigns since 2003. Our production work is all done in-country, giving the advertisements an authentic Iraqi look and feel.
We can localize existing ad materials for the Iraqi market, or create new advertising campaigns, from storyboard to production.

Media Planning and Ad Placement

Sadaa's experience in Iraqi media allows us to plan effective campaigns for our clients across a range of outlets. We use both our extensive connections with Iraqi media outlets and our ownership of highly desirable media properties to get excellent pricing for our clients.
  • Television - Competitive rates for Iraqi and pan-Arab satellite channels
  • Billboards - Sadaa Outdoor owns a network of 300 billboards around Iraq (see for more information on services and locations)
  • Radio - Sadaa has close knowledge of Iraqi radio stations
  • Newspaper - Longstanding relationships with Iraqi publications means we get the best rates for our clients

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a highly effective channel to reach Iraqi consumers. With our nationwide network of 300-plus billboard locations across residential and business districts in large cities and small, we can tailor your campaign to reach your target audience.

For more information about our outdoor advertising locations and services, please visit

Specializing in:

  • TV & Radio Production
  • Print Design
  • Campaign Planning
  • Media Buying

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